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Well, we're at it again. This time we are collaborating with our friends over at Saugatuck Brewing Co. to brew our very own house beer to satisfy all of our craft beer connoisseurs. The key to this is that we are relying on our home brewing patrons to be the evil geniuses behind our house beer and have decided to make a competition out of it.

Here's the breakdown of how the beer brewing competition is going to shake out:
  • 5 teams with a maximum of 4 people per team
  • All 5 teams will travel (courtesy of The Point & Saugatuck Brewing Co.) to Saugatuck Brewing Co. to brew their own custom beer
  • Saugatuck will then barrel the brews and send them out to The Point for our Brew Off Main Event
  • At our Brew Off Main Event the custom brew that receives the most votes that night (hint: family, friends and strangers should all be enticed to be there to support your custom brew!) will become our house beer for 2014
  • Bragging rights, swag and numerous other things are in store for the participants and the winners
  • Team registration is $150
  • Lots of additional details to come
Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments or you can e-mail us here and we'll get back with you as quick as we can! 

It's brew time!!! 


Today marks a drastic day in The Point Bar & Grill's short lived existence. On our 6th month anniversary, we've decided to go ahead and make an attempt to shorten our customers life. Premiering today is our Cardiac Arrest Menu offered exclusively here at The Point Bar & Grill.

From beer battered bacon to a sandwich called The Widowmaker, we have plenty of artery clogging goodness for you to partake in. For good measure, we also decided to add in a few desserts that will tickle your tastebuds (can anyone say deep fried Twinkies?).

What other things would you like to see on our Cardiac Arrest Menu? If you come up with something delicious, we might even name it after you. Let's hear it!

Whew! We're still reeling from our second tap takeover at The Point last night. We had the pleasure of bringing in 10 delicious beers in from Oddside Ales. With names like FireflyOh, Me So Hoppy to Wheat You and the Mayan Mocha Stout, we knew we had a great night in store. With the kegs freshly tapped at 6 pm, we watched as some of our favorite beer geeks started rolling in and before we knew it, beer was flowing and fun was being had by all! 

With Thursday Night Football and Rockbot, we partied well into the night and everyone had a great time with special attention being paid attention to our flights that we had on special. We're looking forward to our next tap takeover on October 10th with Blue Point Brewery and hope you can join us for that one as well! 

Now, a question for all of you beer geeks. What can we do to make our tap takeovers even better? We're your gateway to Beertopia and want to ensure we give you exactly what you're looking for! Let us know!

Until the next pint! 

I think it's fair to say that each one of us learns something new every day; and that's a very good thing. There are countless proverbs, slogans, and god-awful sunrise-based internet photo memes bouncing around to remind us to never stop learning; to stick it out through the tough times, to excel in the face of adversity. Recently, I have been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to come on board with John and company here at The Point, and let me tell you, I have learned more lessons about customer service and the challenges it can present in the last couple of months than I have in the entirety of the rest of my professional life. Let me explain. 

Here at The Point, we work in an amazing environment with a hand selected crew of incredible people. Our work ethic is second to none. Creativity is not only encouraged, but demanded at every turn. We are constantly being challenged to step outside of our wheelhouse and dream big to bring the best possible experience to both you, the customer, and to ourselves as something more than employees; as people who love people. 

In just a few short months, we have started to learn your faces and names, likes and dislikes. We have retooled the bar with 10 new craft beer taps to bring better service to our craft beer clientele, and Rachel works non stop to come up with new and tasty concoctions for the mixed drink crowd. We have made our way from humble beginnings as a kitchen that served chili dogs and potato chips, to an expansive menu including selections for tastes from pub fare (albeit kick ass pub fare...have you tried the Point Burger?!) to the new and experimental (seriously... The Clifton, The Kaufman, Chicken and Waffles wings...) we're killing it over here!

We have endured together, through the hiring of nearly an almost entirely new kitchen staff, through the (not surprisingly) well received "I'd Tap That" events, through learning how to cater a taco bar on the fly, and appliances breaking, and the time that one guy played Rupaul on Rockbot. No matter what life throws at us, (did I mention the Rupaul song?) we grow, we learn, and we endure. And we do it because we like having you guys around.We like knowing that you can come to us and have the best bar experience in Genesee County because we honestly care about each and every one of you having the best of the best from the minute you walk in one of the two side doors, until the time we pour you gently and responsibly into a cab with a nice warm blanket and that bear you loved so much as a kid.*

So whether you're already a regular and just want to stop in to see what's new, (god knows it's always something...) or you've never been in but feel like you could get excited about our Spot On loyalty program, Rockbot, free pool and shuffleboard, or live trivia Mondays, we hope to see you soon, and often. Challenge our cooks to make you what you want, not just what's already on the menu. Let your bartender know which kegs you'd like to see us tap next. We're here to be challenged, and to bring you the very best. And frankly, we haven't failed yet.  Bring it,, customers! 

Oh, and stick your head in the kitchen and introduce yourself sometime. It gets lonely back there, and lettuce sucks at holding a conversation. 

Ball so hard,
Mike "Tumbleweed" Legue
Kitchen Manager + Cook 

*Blanket and bear not available at all locations. Pay your tab before you leave. 

Hey guys!

In an effort to keep all of you, our faithful patrons, happy, we've got some really exciting news to share with you. We have hired DJ Murph as our house DJ. This Sunday, June 9th, we will be kicking off Karaoke at The Point starting at 9 pm.

We are also really excited about our brand new Live Trivia night at The Point which will be starting Monday June 10th at 8 pm. As an added bonus, we will also be giving participants on both nights 20% off all food orders.

As always, you guys keep the suggestions coming and we'll keep implementing them.

Stay classy, Grand Blanc!!!

It's certainly been a whirlwind the past 2 weeks here at The Point! We've been tweaking our operations and are excited to announce some new weekly events that are coming soon. 

We will be kicking off our daily Happy Hour specials next week from 3-6. You can get half-off appetizers and domestic bottles for only $2. Excited yet? We are!

Shuffleboard leagues will be launching in a few weeks on Tuesdays. With one of the only shuffleboard tables left in Genesee County, we are stoked to be able to give yet another reason for people to come check out our newly remodeled bar.

Beginning Thursday, May 2nd, we will have our weekly car show here at The Point. All makes, models and styles are welcome. We love them all! Car shows will be sponsored by Bubbles Galore Car & Dog Wash in Davison and will have weekly prizes to give away as well. 

We are also looking for a DJ to host a karaoke night, so if you know of anyone, please send them our way. 

We have also brought in some additional craft beers from Dragonmead Brewery down in Warren. The Final Absolution has received rave reviews and we should have Dragon's Milk on tap in a few weeks. 

Don't forget, we're the premier place in the Flint/Grand Blanc/Burton area for Drinks. Food. Friends. Be sure to bring a pal or 10!