Well, we're at it again. This time we are collaborating with our friends over at Saugatuck Brewing Co. to brew our very own house beer to satisfy all of our craft beer connoisseurs. The key to this is that we are relying on our home brewing patrons to be the evil geniuses behind our house beer and have decided to make a competition out of it.

Here's the breakdown of how the beer brewing competition is going to shake out:
  • 5 teams with a maximum of 4 people per team
  • All 5 teams will travel (courtesy of The Point & Saugatuck Brewing Co.) to Saugatuck Brewing Co. to brew their own custom beer
  • Saugatuck will then barrel the brews and send them out to The Point for our Brew Off Main Event
  • At our Brew Off Main Event the custom brew that receives the most votes that night (hint: family, friends and strangers should all be enticed to be there to support your custom brew!) will become our house beer for 2014
  • Bragging rights, swag and numerous other things are in store for the participants and the winners
  • Team registration is $150
  • Lots of additional details to come
Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments or you can e-mail us here and we'll get back with you as quick as we can! 

It's brew time!!!